food idioms

The Language Log points towards this article in the LA Times which lists some food-related expressions in French, and gives some English examples as well. My own favourites: the English expression ‘fine words butter no parsnips’, and from Peasants into Frenchmen ‘pigs and moneylenders – you never know how much they’re worth until they’re dead’.

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Liverpool vs. TNS

The Ashes haven’t even started yet.

The first football match of the new season – Liverpool’s Champion League pre-pre-pre-pre-qualifier against Total Network Solutions – was yesterday. I watched a bit of it, but it just felt wrong. The Ashes haven’t even started yet! Has the world gone mad?

[And if you had a club called something as fabulous as Llansantffraid FC, wouldn’t it make you die a little every time you heard it referred to as Total Network Solutions? Mind you, two of the other teams in the Welsh Premier League seem to be called Connah’s Quay Nomads and Afan Lido, so perhaps Llansantffraid FC just seemed a little plain.]

But anyway, I shouldn’t be doing football blogging now, because the Ashes haven’t even started yet. Shame on me.

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“it is the duty of every true Muslim…”

Prince Charles has been commenting on “the duty of every true Muslim” in the aftermath of the bombings.

I get very uncomfortable when people who are clearly not Muslims themselves make pronouncements about Islamic theology. Tony Blair has done it before as well. Now we all know that Blair is high Anglican bordering on Catholic, so presumably he doesn’t believe that Mohammad was God’s last and pre-eminent prophet. He hardly seems to be in position to make judgements about who is and isn’t a true Muslim.

There’s nothing to stop him commenting on morality, or civic duty, or whatever.

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