Gillespie out for Trent Bridge test

I feel for Gillespie, a bit. He’s clearly deeply commited to the Aussie cause and has been heroic with the bat. But as an England supporter I’m sorry to see him go because Tait sounds like he could be a handful – although they’ve been coping quite well with Lee so far, and Tait seems to be in a similar mode, from what I’ve read. With Lee, Tait, Flintoff, Harmison and Jones, it could be a fierce old match. I suspect Australia will have pulled themselves together a bit over the break, so England are going to have to keep up (or even increase) the pressure. Though it’s hard to believe it can possibly be more intense than the last two.

EDIT: On the other hand, McGrath not playing is definitely a bonus for England.

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  1. Harry

    It looks like it might be rain-affected. I think I’d take a draw at Trent Bridge if someone offered. That way the Oval is a winner-takes-all match, which wouldn’t be too bad. If it rained there as well, though, and the Aussies only needed a draw…

  2. Harry

    Extras is currently scoring at nearly a run an over for England. Which is fun.

  3. Jason

    Vaughan has managed to find yet another ridiculous way to get out.

  4. Harry

    He does tend to be a touch cavalier. After the useful groundwork laid by the roundheaded Nasser Hussein, England probably needed a captain with a bit of the plumey hat about him, but it’s still frustrating when he loses his wicket. Boycs for England! At least it would save listening to his commentary.

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