The New Sincerity was just so August

I never felt I was quite right for the New Sincerity – what if I woke up one day feeling flippant or ironic? But with my output of about a poem every six months, I’m a natural for the Slow Art movement.

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  1. Rik

    You are talking my language here. Sign me up! I posted something similar about the need for time to think on my blog (every time I type my blog, I wince) a few weeks back.

  2. shadygrove

    Now that’s a movement I can get behind. Poets aren’t exactly pressured for output anyway, though, since supply dramatically outstrips demand.

  3. Harry

    Rik – I know. Blog blog blog. I blog you blog he blogs. How ever often you say it it’s still a grim word.

    shady – true enough. Perhaps if there was only one copy of each poem inexistence which was valued as the real one, we could get the collectors interested.

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