pasta in three cheese sauce

It’s just turned cold and autumny here over the past few days, which may have been what persuaded me that pasta in cheese sauce was a good idea, since it’s an Italian equivalent to cheese on toast – comfort food.

Anyway. I cooked some penne, chucked in butter, olive oil, chopped stilton, chopped dolcelatte, grated parmesan and a pinch of smoked paprika, then stirred it until it formed a sauce. At which point the tubes of pasta looked like sections of artery clogged with fat. Tasted good, but very rich indeed and a touch salty.

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‘Cosmicomics’ by Italo Calvino

I finally got round to reading Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino.’s editorial review describes it as

An enchanting series of stories about the evolution of the universe. Calvino makes characters out of mathematical formulae and simple cellular structures. They disport themselves amongst galaxies, experience the solidification of planets, move from aquatic to terrestrial existence, play games with hydrogen atoms — and have time for a love life.

which is pretty fair, though it possibly makes it sound even frothier than it is. Key words would be – surreal, whimsical, intellectually playful, that kind of thing. Which I found wore thin pretty quickly. It’s clever, it’s well-written, it’s often funny, if not belly-laugh funny; but in the end it just seemed a bit silly. Rather than engage with the science in a really interesting way, it just used semi-digested fragments as a kicking-off point.

curly quotes

This is mainly a note to myself, in case I want to change it back later – I’ve turned off curly quotes because I don’t think they look very good in this font. On my computer. With my browser. Which may not say anything about how anyone else sees them.

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