search engine queries

The pick of the search engine queries used to find this site during September:

nelson cricket anecdote
chipotles canned sainsbury
england cricket jerusalem listen
banana shallot photo
rik auden
maradona gastric bypass
richard gere films
dead land
maskless diving
poetry perfidious albion
old american pinup
what are the kennings in the seafarer poem.
processions that lack high stilts

What a lot of disappointed punters.

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  1. shadygrove

    Ok, Harry, how do you find this out? I know it’s possible to do, because all the cool kids are doing it, but I don’t know how. And I am curious>

  2. Harry

    The hosting service I use has stats software provided, so I just use that.

    But you can also get free web stats from various companies – Site Tracker, Gold Stats, ShinyStat etc. Most of them run professional tracking services but also offer a free service which is a bit more limited (eg only tracks the last 100 visitors) in exchange for you including an icon on your page somewhere.

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