Self portrait (revised)

Well, I’ve managed to de-purple it and worked it up a bit. I think the result has a bit more three-dimensionality to it, but I’m not sure it’s any better, exactly. I think it looks even less like me, for a start – apart from the non-purple skin, obviously. Still, it’s all a learning process.

[self portrait - not purple any more, but a bit of a mess anyway]

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  1. shadygrove

    My two year old is sitting here saying “I want to see purple Harry! I don’t want to look at plain Harry. I don’t like his necklace.” (I guess the line at your bust is a necklace.)

    Made me laugh, anyway. Now of course I’m dying to see a genuine photo of you for comparative purposes, but I know damn well you won’t do it. Spoils the mystery and all….

  2. Alson Teo

    This is getting better. Nice work! :)

  3. Harry

    The slope of the nose is wrong, the mouth and eyes are the wrong shape (poss. marginally the wrong size, too) – but it does look rather more like a person. Actual likeness is hard.

  4. Peter Dixie

    Well hi Harry it’s been a while. Nice pic.

    BTW I think perhaps the shadow on the left side of your face needs to go right to the edge.

    Take care

  5. Harry

    Why hello.

    You’re probably right about the shadow, but I think this picture is finished with. If not, you know, finished.

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