Self portrait (revised)

Well, I’ve managed to de-purple it and worked it up a bit. I think the result has a bit more three-dimensionality to it, but I’m not sure it’s any better, exactly. I think it looks even less like me, for a start – apart from the non-purple skin, obviously. Still, it’s all a learning process.

[self portrait - not purple any more, but a bit of a mess anyway]

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  1. My two year old is sitting here saying “I want to see purple Harry! I don’t want to look at plain Harry. I don’t like his necklace.” (I guess the line at your bust is a necklace.)

    Made me laugh, anyway. Now of course I’m dying to see a genuine photo of you for comparative purposes, but I know damn well you won’t do it. Spoils the mystery and all….

  2. This is getting better. Nice work! :)

  3. The slope of the nose is wrong, the mouth and eyes are the wrong shape (poss. marginally the wrong size, too) – but it does look rather more like a person. Actual likeness is hard.

  4. Well hi Harry it’s been a while. Nice pic.

    BTW I think perhaps the shadow on the left side of your face needs to go right to the edge.

    Take care

  5. Why hello.

    You’re probably right about the shadow, but I think this picture is finished with. If not, you know, finished.

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