Stupid band names

I’m really getting sick of bands who mispell their own name, or the names of their albums and songs, for some kind of cool-value. You know the kind of thing – Reprazent, M!ssundaztood , sk8er boi, Outkast, A Skillz and Krafty Kuts, Bushwacka, Klashnekoff. It’s cheesy and just so twencen. But the habit has reached a new low with one of the bands on X Factor, who are called Addictiv Ladies. For fuck’s sake, you’re not even trying. If ‘Addictive Ladies’ is too mainstream for you, how about ‘Adiktiv Laydeez’ or ‘Adicktiv Lay Ds’? Just dropping the ‘e’ seems so … half-hearted.

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  1. Rob Mackenzie

    That might be one reason why Addictiv Ladies got kicked out the show last night.

    John Peel used to hate that too. He refused to play bands on his radio show if they used -z’s instead of -s’s or -k’s instead of -c’s in their names. Maybe other DJs should follow his lead.

  2. Harry

    “That might be one reason why Addictiv Ladies got kicked out the show last night”

    That and the fact they were woefully out of tune.

  3. Rik

    You watch the X Factor?

    Shame on you! Even the shopping channels are more entertaining than the X Factor!

  4. Harry

    It does get a lot less entertaining once the actual elimination shows start. I think I might have to switch to watching Colin Jackson doing the tango.

  5. Col. Hector Bravado

    I’m sure you’d be pleased to know that after extensive research on the Donnybrook Super Internet — it’s a lot like the crappy internet you use, except everything on it is true — the Donnybrook Writing Academy has determined that there are only 12 remaining stupid names available for new musical acts. We’re auctioning them off so none of the poor bands can have them:

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