the coolest use of Flickr EVER!!

Sorry for the exaggeration marks.

But it is pretty cool. It seems to be this guy‘s idea, but this is the recipe I’m most tempted to try:

You need to click on either the link or the photo above to see why it’s such a fab idea. I’m almost tempted to try doing one of these myself.

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So why blog against racism anyway?

Two questions really – why did *I* choose to take part, especially since I didn’t have much to say, and why have a B. A. R. Day at all?

The first question is easy – I think it’s an interesting and potentially valuable exercise, and I wanted to support it and help spread the idea. I don’t imagine it’s going to change the world any time soon, and there’s a risk of it being an exercise in right-on self-congratulation. But what I like about it is that it’s not asking people to sign a petition, or wear a badge, or buy a wristband – it’s asking them to think about the subject and articulate something – an opinion, an experience. And many of the responses are interesting, like this one on race in romance novels.

And that’s good enough for me.

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Blog Against Racism Day

I find other people’s overt racism deeply offensive. On the other hand I score rather badly on the race version of the Implicit Association Test which is supposed to measure unconscious bias.

I don’t think the test result means that the offended reaction is any less genuine, but it does suggest it’s not the whole story. A strong social taboo against overtly racist behaviour is a good start, but it’s only a start.

Blog Against Racism Day

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