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The more time I spend thinking about web design, the more easily irritated I am. Take Spork. Look at that lovely, stylish, front cover: it manages to have something of a print aesthetic without being heavy-handed, and it’s clear, simple and eye-catching. Classy.

But then you click on the names, and the links open as new windows. Like I don’t have enough windows cluttering up my screen all the time as it is. Look, I never, ever want any link I click to open as a new screen unless I specifically tell it to.

And you just know that they’re only done it that way because someone didn’t want navigation buttons cluttering up his nice neat page layouts. Humph.

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  1. Rik

    My current beef is with bloggers who insist on: 1. using really, really tiny font sizes; and 2. using text colour that’s almost the same as the background colour. Yes, it might look nice, but it’s a bugger to read. I mean, I assume they want me to read their blogs?

    BTW, nice beetles!

  2. Harry

    thanks. Yes, those things are annoying too. I do have some sympathy just because different browser/system/monitor setups are so inconsistent in the way they display things. Text sizes particularly.

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