I love the fact my camera has a macro mode. There’s something very satisfying about getting really close to things and taking pics of them.

The sand dunes are just covered in flowers – vetchy type things in scarlet, spikes of ghostly broomrape, mesembryanthemums, pink thistles, big daisies, all sorts of things in all shapes and colours.

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  1. shadygrove

    I just love the fact that there’s a plant out there called “ghostly broomrape.”

    *goes off googling*

  2. shadygrove

    Huh. Turns out I’ve seen them. But I’d no idea what they were called, and I’d guessed they were some sort of mushroom, lacking any green and all. At least if we’re talking about the same thing (orobanche fasciculata), I mean. The things I learn by way of you, Harry. Blow kisses to the pilot whales for me.

  3. Harry

    They’re not actually called ‘ghostly broomrape’, that was me editorialising. And I don’t know exactly what species they have here, but Orobanche sounds right. Weird looking things.

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