The titling of poetry journals

Why is it that almost every poetry journal in existence is titled according to one of two models?

The [placename] [publication]


[catchy, non-poetry-related noun]

Surely the language allows other possibilities?

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  1. Sherry Chandler

    I know of one journal called “32 Poems.” Or you could go the Keillor route with “Good Poems.” I always thought that was setting the bar pretty low. Then there’s HOW2. Blink — is that a verb?

  2. Harry

    Blink could be a verb. Or a noun. I’m sure my schema isn’t comprehensive -it was just a vague sense that the options aren’t being explored.

  3. Jody Porter

    Or a made-up word that means nothing at all.

  4. Harry

    Yup :)

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