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Sometimes, when I’m struggling to get something to work, or find a piece of information, or something just seems a lot less simple than it ought to be, I have to remind myself just what a young medium the internet is, and how far we’ve gone already.

screenshot of Pine email software

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  1. Scotty

    Aaaah, the good old days, eh, Harry?


    copy c:\mystuff\*.* A:\

    attrib -h +r

    and stuff like that.

  2. Harry

    I never actually had to do much of that; my first computer was a Mac, back in the days of OS6. But I did use Pine and Lynx when I got to university. And the internet – as far as I knew – was basically email, usenet, ASCII multi-user RPGs, and chatrooms. Even within the few years I was there it had moved firmly to visual browsers and HTML and so on, and the progress has been really prety rapid ever since.

  3. Greg Laden

    In those days, you had to occassionally explain to the young ones why disk drive letters went from A to C with no B. Now you have explain where both A and B went….

    (Well, I use linux…. do you people still have C: drives?

    Oh, whats so funy about attrib -h +r may I ask?

  4. Harry

    My drives have always been called things like ‘Macintosh HD’. It’s almost as though the people writing the software wanted the names to be helpful.

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