smoke-filled rooms

I do think it’s funny that the British, so temperamentally disinclined towards conspiracy theories that they even assume that referees are incompetent rather than corrupt, seem ready to believe in a shadowy international conspiracy to fix the result of the Eurovision Song Contest.

EDIT: and after posting that I read that Richard Younger-Ross, the Lib Dem MP for Teignbridge, has tabled an early day motion calling for the voting system to be changed, with the support of three other MPs. Thus proving there’s no subject so trivial that a pathetic, desperate MP won’t wrap it around himself if he thinks it’ll get him ten seconds of media attention.

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  1. Scotty

    Yes, it’s nice to see one’s duly-elected and paid-up pollies immersing themselves in deep and meaningful issues, isn’t it? It’s no wonder I ‘donkey-vote’ half the time…

  2. Harry

    At least it’s harmless, I suppose.

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