Digiscoping woodpeckers

I was having a go at photographing the juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker that comes to the birdfeeder, but it’s kind of tricky. My success rate when digiscoping is never that high at the best of times; and as you can see, it’s not temperamentally inclined to stay still:

Still, the motion blur can be a fun effect:

And it makes it all the more gratifying when one of the pictures comes out just right.

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  1. Rebecca Clayton

    Wonderful! I particularly like the next-to-last one, where the body is still and the head is all motion.

  2. Harry

    Thanks; they were fun to take. I accidentally took a lot of them in a smaller size than I intended, but never mind.

  3. Autumn

    I don’t know anything about digiscoping but I think the photos are pretty cool and I love the youtube.

  4. Harry

    Thanks :)

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