That’s ‘cricket’ in Welsh, since the first Ashes test is being held in Cardiff. Assuming the rain holds off long enough for them to play, that is: it’s certainly not very promising in London, but of course it hardly ever rains in Wales.

Come on, England.

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  1. Elaine

    Not looking pretty at the moment, is it?. Have you seen Bumble’s Twitter feed? I suspect my dad let loose on Twitter would sound pretty similar. Random waffle and an absolute obsession with food. Yet strangely addictive (when I’m trying to write brand planning workshops almost anything becomes addictive distraction!).

  2. Harry

    Yup, I’m following Bumble and Aggers and Jason Gillespie. We need Shane Warne, with his well-known penchant for the 140 character message…

    Here’s hoping for some inspired bowling and an Aussie batting collapse this morning.

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