RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2010

That time of year again, the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch, one of the world’s biggest exercises in citizen science. The usual drill: one hour of birding in the garden, with the counts being the maximum seen at one time.

  • blue tit × 3
  • great tit × 2
  • coal tit
  • long-tailed tit
  • chaffinch × 3
  • goldfinch
  • woodpigeon × 2
  • pigeon × 4
  • magpie × 3
  • blackbird × 3
  • song thrush
  • robin
  • dunnock × 2
  • ring-necked parakeet × 3
  • sparrowhawk

There’s a few fairly regular visitors missing; greenfinch, jay, great-spotted woodpecker, goldcrest, nuthatch. But on balance think it’s a pretty decent list.

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  1. Trev Wood

    That’s a good selection. No Tit species turned up during my one hour but that is the chance element to randomly picking an hour to watch.
    You can see my own results here:

  2. Harry

    Ah, house sparrow. I’d be lucky to get one of those a year.

  3. jason brown

    hi i was just wondering if anybody has seen a peragrine falcon in cheltenham as i watch one regularly from my window
    thank you Jason Brown

  4. Harry

    I don’t know, sorry.

  5. olive brace

    We saw our first swallow on April 4 2010. Very exciting.

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