Egypt joke

A joke I heard a few years ago, can’t remember where:

Three agents are drinking in a bar, from the CIA, Mossad and the Egyptian secret police. After a few beers, they all start boasting about their tracking skills, and have a bet to see who can be quickest to head out into the desert and bring back a live gazelle.

The Mossad agent is fastest, and within a few hours he’s back at the bar with a gazelle tied up in the back of his truck. An hour or two later, the CIA man turns up as well. But many hours pass and eventually they head off and look for the Egyptian secret policeman.

They find him around the corner with a big stick, thrashing a donkey and shouting: “Come on, just admit it, I know you’re a gazelle!”

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  1. Sherry Chandler

    Oh my. Maybe too true to be funny. Suliemann, they say, used to do torturing for the U.S. The end destination of extreme rendition.

  2. Harry

    Well, there’s a long tradition of dark humour in authoritarian regimes, and that joke is certainly quite dark.

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