The 9th [nearly] annual Christmas stuffing post

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I didn’t do one of these posts last year because my campaign to have something other than turkey for Christmas dinner finally paid off — we had beef. But we’re back to turkey this year; turkey, prunes wrapped in bacon, roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts, cranberry sauce, and two types of stuffing. Both stuffings, as usual, were made with a base of sausagemeat, bread, onion, and celery; one was chestnut and mushroom (again), and for the other one, I added pecans and dried figs steeped in Marsala. Which was very nice, though I do say so myself.

Followed by (shop-bought) Christmas pudding, which was alright, although personally I’d rather have trifle every year.

Also the Sri Lankan Christmas cake recipe I’ve done for the past two years, and a ham boiled in ginger beer and baked with a brown sugar and mustard glaze.

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  1. Lucy

    Funnily enough I remembered your stuffing posts as I rather went to town on improvised stuffings this year, including a ‘Provençal’ one where I blitzed together all kind of things found in jars and packets in the fridge such as flaked almonds, stuffed olives and sun-dried tomatoes in oil. It was surprisingly good, and went into sort of veggie sausage roll substitutes with a bit of cheese on Boxing day too.

    A continuing happy Christmas to you!

  2. Harry

    And happy Christmas and new year to you!

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