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Bird of the Year 2007: best performances in a supporting role

Best Plant There’s lots of choice here; I’ll just give a hat-tip to the big trees of Kew Gardens and Greenwich Park which I got over excited about in the autumn. But most of the possibilities were in Crete. Crete has more species of plant than the UK, and a bundle of them are endemics. […]

Links of the year 2007

After a quick and dirty winnowing-out, here are what might be the best of the links which I posted last year. Arctic artefacts — Attack of the GIANT NEGROES!! Bait-Fishing Crows — Beautiful Specimens — bird-eating bats — Building Stonehenge C19th London snail-gatherers — chilled bees & yellow rain — Chinese building blocks — College […]

Bird of the Year 2007

It’s that time again. Last year when I did this, I’d been birding in Spain in the spring and then the Galapagos and Ecuador in the autumn. This year has been less dramatic—no albatrosses or toucans—but I did see some great stuff in Crete in April. First, though, some local stuff. There have been Little […]

Books of the year, 2007

Since I’ve recorded [nearly all] the books I’ve read since March this year on a special book page, and it’s possible to view them ordered according to my rating, I hardly need to to do a books of the year post. Here are some links to some of the longer posts I did about books: […]

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2007

I did the annual RSPB garden birdwatch yesterday. This was my third time and by far my worst list yet. Not because of any catastrophic decline in birds, but just because I had a rather dud hour. It didn’t help that I did it at midday, which is never the best time for birds. Despite […]