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Bird of the Year 2013

Notable birds from last year: Whitethroat was a new one for the garden list; a fine male Red-backed Shrike at Barnes WWT was a real treat (and incidentally a London tick). A Glossy Ibis was the first I’d seen in Britain although I didn’t get great views of it. Bonaparte’s Gull — an American species — was a first for […]

Bird of the Year 2013: best performances in a supporting role

Even later than usual, but I thought I should at least get the first post out in time for the Oscars. Best Plant I spent quite a lot of time last year looking at flowers and butterflies. The names alone are a joy: sainfoin, silverweed, sanicle, harebell, yellow rattle, round-headed rampion, devil’s bit scabious, horseshoe […]

London Film Festival debrief, 2013

So, I saw five films this year. Some quick notes: Story of my Death [Història de la meva mort]. The LFF said: Albert Serra’s teasing period-piece sees Casanova and Dracula meeting as Enlightenment reason gives way to the dangerous passions of the Romantic era. Which sounded like it might be fun, if perhaps a bit […]

Read The World challenge: status report, 2013

As of August 1st, I’ve been reading my way round the world for five years and I’m at 135 countries accounted for — or 99 books read since I started (99½, actually). You can check the map here. Which means I’ve read 16 (and a half!) this year. Which is down from the rate I managed at […]

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2013

This year’s list: robin × 3 blackbird × 2 dunnock × 2 great tit × 2 blue tit × 4 coal tit chaffinch × 3 siskin × 3 carrion crow ring-necked parakeet × 2 starling × 2 pigeon × 4 woodpigeon Which is pretty terrible, frankly. The siskins were a pleasant surprise, but I’m missing long-tailed tit, goldfinch, magpie, jay, song thrush, both woodpeckers, wren, […]