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The Running Man by Gilbert Tuhabonye

I bought The Running Man* as my book from Burundi for the Read The World challenge. I can’t say I was particularly looking forward to reading it, though, because the blurb on the cover — How the voice in my heart helped me survive genocide and realise my Olympic dream — just sounds a bit […]


The Thousand Dot Net V | 19.32 'I remember seeing a chart about a decade ago that illustrated how dominant Johnson’s record is, and I’ve recreated it here. This chart shows the twenty fastest 200m marks of all time. Each row represents a hundredth of a second.' ( tags: MichaelJohnson athletics )

More Olympiana

Watching someone put on a burst of pace at the end of a fast 10000m is one of the best sights in sport. Amazing stuff from Tirunesh Dibaba. And so much more exciting to watch than the sprinters.

Races and races

It’s probably easier and wiser to avoid the awkward subject of the relationship between race and sporting ability. Whatever the truth one way or the other, discussing the possibility of inherent racial advantages in anything is only going to be divisive. But when you turn on the World Athletics Championships 10000m race, and see that […]