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Bird of the Year 2010: best performances in a supporting role

2010 wasn’t a vintage wildlife year for me. I didn’t go anywhere exotic, or even spend much time outside the M25. My longest wildlife-watching trip was to the car park of B&Q in Folkestone. Despite that, I did manage to rack up some pretty good bird sightings, but it was pretty slim pickings for the […]

My new favourite animal

Well, until tomorrow anyway. I went on a bat walk in the local park — i.e. a guided walk led by people with those ultrasonic bat detectors — and we found three species of bat. There was Britain’s commonest and smallest bat species, the Pipistrelle; the Daubenton’s bat, which hunts low over the water; a […]


How To Be A Bat [Life in Motion] | The Loom | Discover Magazine How bats fly, walk and run. Check out the higher-definition versions of the videos here: ( tags: bats )


Exciting sighting: I saw a bat in the park today. It’s not completely unusual to see bats around here: I see a few in the summer, because it’s when I’m most likely to be outside at night. But not many. And to see one flying around over the park pond in daylight is most unusual. […]