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‘Royal Manuscripts: The Genius of Illumination’ at the British Library

I went round this exhibition of illuminated manuscripts from the Royal collection today. Any of you who follow me on Twitter will know that I got a bit distracted by finding birds in the margins. I found 17 species in total*, which is pretty good. And I mainly started looking for them because it was […]

‘Points of View’ at the British Library

I just visited the slightly uninspiringly titled ‘Points of View’ exhibition at the British Library, which is an exhibition of nineteenth century photography. I’ve been very impressed with the BL’s temporary exhibitions since they moved to the new site; they obviously have an absolutely staggering amount of stuff in their collections and they do a […]

Just as a matter of record

As of close of play today, Great Britain is third on the Olympic medal table. It’s like, it gives you a warm glow, innit. » The advert for Olympic Cycles of Wolverhampton is from the Evanion Collection of Ephemera at the British Library.

‘Breaking the Rules’ at the British Library

I realised that Breaking the Rules: The Printed Face of the European Avant Garde 1900 – 1937 was about to close, so I popped in today for a quick gander. As ever at the BL, the range of material was impressive: they really do own a lot of stuff. Eliot, Bretton, Man Ray, Lorca, Mayakovsky, […]

Herba Parietis or the Wall Flower

The text reads: Herba Parietis or the Wall Flower As it Grew out of the Stone Chamber Belonging to the Metropolitan Priſon of London Called NEW GATE. Being A History Wch is Partly True Partly Romantick Morrally Devine Wherby A Marriag Betweene Reallity & fancie is Solemnised By Devinity Written By: I: B: whilst he […]

Deletionists, Inclusionists, and the joy of the trivial.

There is, I gather, an ongoing philosophical debate running behind the scenes of Wikipedia; one which will probably run forever. On the one side are the deletionists; on the other are the inclusionists. The question is how to deal with articles about less important subjects: one side generally favours deleting them, the other would prefer […]

All Persons Visiting the Whale

More from the ephemera collection at the British Library. You might also want to look at the Wonder of the Sea and American Jack, the Frog Man. Not to mention A.H. Minting, the Marvellous Spiral Ascensionist.

The Mammoth Brigade of Black Comedians

More fascinating stuff from the British Library collection; this poster is from 1892.

‘Sacred’ at the British Library

I went yesterday to see Sacred at the British Library. I nearly missed it; the exhibition closes at the weekend. I’m glad I didn’t, as it was extraordinary. It’s an exhibition of sacred texts from Islam, Christianity and Judaism, and the selection is seriously impressive. For example, the show includes the Lindisfarne Gospels and a […]

More ephemera

More from the British Library’s Evanion Collection of Ephemera.

The British Library online collections

The BL’s online collections are very pleasing, because there’s such a mix of stuff: English accent samples, Victorian newspapers, illuminated manuscripts, sheet music, photographs, watercolours, maps, wildlife recordings. So when you put something into the search box, you never know what might turn up in the results.