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The Remarkable Gothic Sculpture at Beverley Minster via BLDGBLOG's delicious feed. ( tags: gothic architecture sculpture C15th )


Emperor of Ice-Cream Cakes: Poems Are Jokes: Dispatches from the Front LINES, It Is a Pun "It's a dazzling day, the sun is a fiery phoenix, the birds let loose with craps of joy, and the Phelps crazies are here in town to protest. Time to make a damn sign." ( tags: nonsense ) BibliOdyssey: […]

Renaissance Siena at the National Gallery

I went to the Renaissance Siena: Art for a City exhibition today. It’s late C15th and early C16th art. I gathered from the audio-guide that by then, Siena had already had its golden age, and was dropping behind places like Florence and Rome as an artistic centre. So the artists in the show—Matteo di Giovanni, […]

Just a little Memling

Do you like Memling? I don’t know, I’ve never tried it. [boom boom] Gotta love that Northern Renaissance. I went to a lecture about fabric and fashion in art recently which used as an example a painting which I think wasn’t actually this one, but was very very similar. Possibly Memling painted various versions of […]