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Harry’s advent calendar of birds, day 4: Red Junglefowl

My two-year-old niece could identify this one: Except she’d be WRONG. Sort of. Because this is not just any old chicken; it’s a Red Junglefowl, Gallus gallus, the wild ancestor* of everyone’s favourite kind of meat regularly served by the bucket.† It’s an Asian species, and according to Wikipedia was probably domesticated in Vietnam 10,000 […]

Napowrimo #24: Rooster Death

In Italy there lives a fowl they know as Rooster Death; but mainly that’s because it has such dreadful garlic breath. So if you think your reputation’s  getting rather ghastly then after meals be sure to eat a little bunch of parsley.

Napowrimo #11: Chicken poem

A chicken is really just a duck who makes the lifestyle choice to cluck.

Chicken a l’estragon

I don’t normally give French names to dishes I chuck together, but apart from the fact that this is very French-inspired, ‘estragon’ is such a good word. And it always makes me think of Waiting for Godot, a play I’ve never seen but which is quite famous. Of course ‘tarragon’ is also a lovely word. […]

simple pleasures

A good-quality chicken breast, sliced nearly through and opened out like a book. Oil it and place it between two sheets of clingfilm, then beat it flat with a rolling pin. It doesn’t have to be carpaccio thin, just flat enough to cook through quickly. Season with plenty of freshly ground black pepper and salt […]