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Google’s China Problem (and China’s Google Problem) – New York Times Interesting article about how internet censorship works in China. The article is now 3 years old, which is a long time on the internet, but it's worth reading. ( tags: Google internet censorship China )


Is China Good for the Jews?: Letter from China: Online Only: The New Yorker Chinese newspaper asks if the Jews really control America and answers the question with an optimistic yes. ( tags: Jews China )

Opening ceremony debrief

As I’ve said before, although I’m a ¬†supporter of London hosting the Olympics, my big worry is that we will come up with a feeble, amateurish¬†opening¬†ceremony. So I watched the Chinese version with interest. We knew they were keen to impress: well, consider me impressed. There is no way London is going to match that […]


Amoebas may vomit E. coli on your greens – New Scientist ‘A laboratory study has found that food pathogens survive being eaten by protozoa living on spinach and lettuce. The temporary asylum might help bacteria stick onto leafy greens or resist efforts to kill them before packaging.’ ( tags: amoebae bacteria ) Ancient bird is […]

China hoist by their own petard

BBC News: “Thirty-five arrests have been made after clashes between pro-Tibet protesters and police as the Olympic torch made its way through London. Of course, in the parallel world of the Chinese official news machine, the only thing interfering with the movement of the torch was a sprinkling of snow. Actually, to be fair, there […]

Tibet and the Olympics

It’s going to be really interesting watching the Olympics unfold. There had already been rumblings, with the protests last year in Burma and pressure over Darfur, but protests in Tibet bring it that much closer to home. And as the Olympics get closer, and more and more media attention is focussed on Beijing, the Chinese […]

Irony of the week

The Chinese government expressing their sadness and shock at the idea that anyone would be crass enough to sully the Olympic spirit with the grimy taint of a political agenda.

Terracotta warriors at the BM

I went to see the terracotta warriors at the British Museum. It’s unusual for them to be on show outside China, so it’s a big event; they have about a dozen terracotta figures and lots of associated material. It’s certainly worth going to, but the warriors themselves didn’t have the wow factor you might hope […]

In The Mood For Love

I watched In The Mood For Love on DVD yesterday. It’s an absolutely gorgeous movie, set in Hong Kong in the 60s. One of the cover blurbs says it’s ‘like Brief Encounter remade by Kubrick and Scorsese’; I’m not sure about the Kubrick/Scorsese thing, but the comparison to Brief Encounter is very apt. It’s a […]

China, the Olympics, and antiquity diplomacy

I was just watching Question Time on the BBC, and the panel were asked what ‘we’ should do about Burma. Simon Schama was on the panel, and he suggested that, if China was stubborn about blocking any action via the UN, we should have a mass boycott of the Beijing Olympics, since Burma is a […]

FSotW: Military Weaponry for Kids

Flickr set of the week is Military Weaponry for Kids, by sinosplice, who explains that these are ‘Pages from a coloring book/drawing book/character practice book for Chinese kids.’

‘China: The Three Emperors, 1662-1795’ at the RA

The Royal Academy’s own website doesn’t seem to be working at the moment (Tibetan hackers?), but Goldman Sachs, the corporate sponsor of the show, have a Flash slideshow you can see here which gives an idea of what it’s like. I found it a bit dull. The exhibition is huge and the quality of the […]