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I know what the Apple Tablet is for

Among all the speculation about the forthcoming Apple Tablet/iSlate/iPad has been a thread of uncertainty: no one is really sure what it’s for; what niche it fills. Everyone has been missing the obvious: it’s an e-reader for birdwatchers. I have two field guides on my iPhone: butterflies and birds. I haven’t had a chance to […]

I’m back

Or more precisely, my computer’s back from the repair people. Yay. A couple of observations about that: Time Machine (Apple’s automatic backup software) is just brilliant. Having your computer die by inches is so much less stressful when you know you can rescue everything. And actually it works even better than I realised: my computer […]


text-o-possum…the future! 'Bluetooth laser virtual keyboard encased in elegant possum.' ( tags: computers possums ) That Which Does Not Kill Me Makes Me Stranger – New York Times via Mind Hacks, an extraordinary article about an ultra-long distance cyclist: 'The craziness is methodical, however, and Robic and his crew know its pattern by heart. Around […]

New iTunes icon for Leopard: Aphex Twin

I made a super-large iTunes icon for Leopard’s coverflow mode, based on Aphex Twin’s album Selected Ambient Works 85-92.

computer problems

I’m having serious computer problems—like not being able to turn it on—so posting is liable to be sporadic. Just fyi. EDIT: I’ve seized the opportunity while my computer is running of posting a new picture at Clouded Drab.

Weird computer problems

I am for the moment busy trying to get my stupid computer to not be a complete pain in the arse. It does this weird thing where I ask it to sleep and instead it messes up one of the other system functions (Exposé and Dashboard and so on, for the Mac users). When it […]

Another alternative to QWERTY

Following on from Dvorak, this entry was composed using a piece of software called Dasher which I learned about via Metafilter. Or at least, It wasn’t, because the Mac version is very beta and crashed, taking all my words with it. But I did write a couple of paragraphs and get some sense of what […]

Lnafcbi ,cyd Eprkat

That’s ‘Playing with Dvorak’, typed unthinkingly as though I was using a QWERTY keyboard, but with the computer set to Dvorak. Which I’m trying out now; it’s very slow work. I find the fact the punctuation’s in the wrong places especially un-nerving. What appeals to me about it is the idea that it’s easier on […]

When computers attack…

…and when I say ‘attack’ I mean ‘don’t attack’. At Waterloo East today I heard the following announcement: “We are sorry to announce that the 11.05 train to Orpington is delayed for approximately suspected damage to railway bridge minutes.” Helpful.

Talking bollocks about technology

Simon Jenkins has an article in the Guardian that is so wrong-headed that it’s a little hard to grapple with. The first couple of paras give a good idea of the flavour: I rise each morning, shave with soap and razor, don clothes of cotton and wool, read a paper, drink a coffee heated by […]

upgrade trauma

I just upgraded my version of WordPress, and it seems to have screwed everything up. Hopefully I’ll have it sorted out sooner rather than later, but bear with me. EDIT: well, it’s getting a bit better, but after a sequence of painless upgrades, this one is doing my head in.

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comment spam

The first comment waiting in my spam filter just now reads “May I borrow some articles from your site? Who should I contact?” And just for a moment I thought it might be a genuine comment which had been mistakenly identified as junk, even though it was apparently posted by someone called ‘daivaufeijau’. Then I […]

New new iTunes icons

I thought it would be fun to make a whole set, with different record labels. I’ve added Trojan, Upsetter, Chess, Apple and Sun: You can get a zip of them as .icns files here.

Yet again with the iTunes icons

I decided that while the coloured vinyl was ok on its own, the addition of a coloured note was just too garish. The anti-aliasing round the note needs tweaking, but I think it looks pretty good. Better than the original: EDIT: OK, I’ve tweaked it. Here’s the final version: For Mac users, there’s a zip […]

More iTunes icons

I’ve updated my new iTunes icons for the release of iTunes 7. I’ve switched to using LaVern Baker.

New iTunes icons

I decided I don’t like the iTunes icon very much, so I’ve made myself some new ones: Still by LaVern Baker, Young Boy Blues by Eddie “Buster” Forehand, and We Go Together by The Moonglows, since you asked. Picked for what they look like rather than the choons – I’ve only heard one of them […]

Jonathan Ive and the post-gadget aesthetic

Some more thoughts on design in the tech industries. This time, the slow death of what I think of as the ‘gadget aesthetic’. The gadget aesthetic was a product of the novelty and glamour of electronics; it fetishizes the look of hi-tech gizmos. Lots of buttons, lots of LEDs, curvy moulded plastic, metallic-looking silver plastic: […]

eBooks on iPod?

There’s a rumour doing the rounds that the next iPod will be designed for reading as well as music and video. It remains to be seen whether that happens, and indeed whether the iPod is well-suited for reading (as compared, for example, to the more specialised Sony Reader). Whether or not their time has come, […]

Spam email header of the day

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17th century fly-by

A cool thing from the people at Digitally Distributed Environments: See the whole panorama here.

playing with cameras

Also available super-big on Flickr

And in the beginning was the video

According to TUAW: This video was ripped from a videotape (which explains the lack of video quality) of the 1984 Apple Shareholders’ meeting, where the original Macintosh was unveiled. It’s either a very good spoof, or… well, genuine.