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A palate cleanser

OK, enough with the all the Murdoch-ery. Time for something a bit more wholesome. Summer isn’t a great time for birding; you can tell when summer is well and truly here because bird bloggers start posting pictures of moths. Moths are like birdwatcher methadone. So it seemed like a good time of year to check out […]


Lensmen: 1919 | Shorpy Historic Photo Archive Love this picture: 'Washington, D.C., circa 1919. "Two photographers." On the left, A.W. "Artie" Leonard of National Photo. Harris & Ewing glass negative.' ( tags: Shorpy 1910s photography ) TED Blog: Discovering dragonflies that cross oceans: Charles Anderson on I love this story. 'While living and working […]


BBC – Earth News – Longest insect migration revealed ‘Every year, millions of dragonflies fly thousands of kilometres across the sea from southern India to Africa. So says a biologist in the Maldives, who claims to have discovered the longest migration of any insect.’ ( tags: insects dragonflies migration )

FSotW: Backyard Biodiversity: Bichos

Flickr set of the week is Backyard Biodiversity: Bichos by Crfullmoon, which is “A species survey in progress of “little beasts” on my property in Massachusetts in North America.” Here’s just a couple of the 307 photos. Those are available under a by:nc:nd Creative Commons license, but most of the set seems to be fully […]


It’s remarkable how many different insect species there are around if you go and look, and notice the various colours and sizes instead of just thinking ‘butterfly’ or ‘bumblebee’. Damselflies are the smaller, more delicate relatives of dragonflies. There were at least three species, and possibly four, in the garden today. I got pictures of […]