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London Film Festival: Target and Tahrir 2011

The last two films I went to see at the LFF were Target, a Russian film directed by Alexander Zeldovich, and a documentary abou the recent Egyptian revolution called Tahrir 2011: The Good, the Bad, and the Politician. They don’t have distribution for Target in the UK at least, so I don’t know how likely you are […]

Ancient wisdom

Looking through one of those advertising-funded local newsletter things, I saw there was an ad for classes in the martial art of ‘sebek-kha’. Which I’d never heard of. So I checked google and learned that it is an ancient Egyptian martial art, said to be founded by founded by Heru-Ur (Heracles), passed down over thousands […]

Egypt, Libya, foreign policy and honesty

I have been following events in north Africa closely, both via the usual media outlets and Twitter (see, for example, Andy Carvin’s one-man newswire for all the latest rumours swirling around). But I haven’t said much about it on this blog because, well, it’s a complicated subject of which I am ignorant. It has often […]

Egypt, the cricket, and dead tree news

The current situation in Egypt has been the second thing recently that has made newspapers feel like a ludicrously old-fashioned technology. The first, more trivially, was the cricket. England were playing in Australia, and because of the time difference, each day’s play was starting just before midnight and running until 7.30am — optimally designed to […]

Egypt joke

A joke I heard a few years ago, can’t remember where: Three agents are drinking in a bar, from the CIA, Mossad and the Egyptian secret police. After a few beers, they all start boasting about their tracking skills, and have a bet to see who can be quickest to head out into the desert […]


Solargraphs show half a year of sun – New Scientist 'These pinhole photographs, exposed for six months, capture the journey of the sun from the winter to the summer solstice.' Cool and completely beautiful. ( tags: Bristol photography ) What killed Dr Granville’s mummy? – New Scientist interesting little article about a Victorian mummy dissection […]


Flickr Photo Download: Egypt: Gizeh A sphinx. There are loads of cool 1900s lantern slides of Egypt uploaded by the Brooklyn museum. Check out the Paris exposition ones as well. via things magazine. ( tags: Egypt Flickr archaeology photos ) APOD: 2008 May 30 – Descent of the Phoenix Major geek porn: 'the 10 kilometer-wide […]


I went to the British Museum with my sister because, having been on a Nile cruise recently, she’s keen on all things Egyptological. It turns out that the process of preparing a body for mummification is a lot like making dry-cured bacon.