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FSotW: Paleontology

Via Pharyngula, Flickr set of the week is Paleontology by Goniagnostus. Terataspis grandis fh new lg Probolichas FH lg, originally uploaded by Goniagnostus.

FSotW: Bending Light

Via 30gms: Flickr set of the week is Bending Light by Alan Jaras. These are photograms, taken by capturing light directly on 35mm film—i.e. without any lenses or anything—and record the refraction patterns made by light passing through glass and other transparent objects. Shrouded in Light, originally uploaded by Reciprocity. Creation in Red, originally uploaded […]

FSotW: Rayguns

Flickr Set of the Week is rayguns (intergalactic self-defense mechanisms) by lockwasher. Who says: I started putting these intergalactic self-defense mechanisms (ray guns) together after being totally inspired by Clayton Bailey, artist/gunsmith. I also draw inspiration from old 50’s and 60’s space movies/TV/toys…anything retro cool! I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as […]

FSotW: Inverkip Power Station

Flickr set of the week is Inverkip Power Station by Dazzababes. Inverkip Power Station is an oil fired power station built in the 1970’s which, by the time of completion, was already uneconomical to run owing to the rising cost of oil. It only reached peak capacity during the miners strike of 1984 and has […]

FSotW: Old Disneyland

Flickr set of the week is Old Disneyland by Tom Simpson: “Pictures from its construction and first few years of operation.” Alligator for the Jungle Cruise Small World Sleeping Beauty’s Castle under construction

FSotW: Letter S

Flickr set of the week is Letter S by Leo Reynolds. He also has sets for the other letters and numbers. These photos are available under a Creative Commons by-nc-sa license.

FSotW: Phnom Penh Garbage Dump

Flickr set of the week is Phnom Penh Garbage Dump by primitivenerd. Garbage Pickers Garbage Pickers Garbage Pickers

FSotW: Rocks, Minerals, Crystals and Gems

Flickr set of the week is Rocks, Minerals, Crystals and Gems by adamantine. Tourmaline – Massachusetts (3) Chalcedony – Arizona Amethyst – Massachusetts

FSotW: 163 Beach Huts

Flickr set of the week is 163 Beach Huts by psymon1962. Hut 41. Hut 40. Hut 39.

FSotW: Military Weaponry for Kids

Flickr set of the week is Military Weaponry for Kids, by sinosplice, who explains that these are ‘Pages from a coloring book/drawing book/character practice book for Chinese kids.’

FSotW: Buenos Aires Street Art

Flickr set of the week is Buenos Aires Street Art by mikeyernst.

FSotW: Stereographic Projections

Flickr set of the week is Stereographic Projections by Seb Przd. I don’t understand the details of how these are made, but he starts with a panorama and applies some kind of mathematical wizardry to it. As always, click on one of the photos to go to the page on Flickr.

FSotW: Polaroids

Flickr set of the week is Polaroids, by anniebee. They’re polaroids (obviously) mainly taken in New York. I really like these – do check out the whole set. Particularly, but not only, the glorious ones of Coney Island.

FSotW: My Happy Soviet Childhood

Flickr set of the week is My Happy Soviet Childhood by Freedom Toast. EDIT: Oh crap, there’s always something, isn’t there. Why can’t any two browsers render the same bit of code in the same way? I don’t want borders under my linked images, you stupid machine. EDIT LATER: Well, I’ve come up with a […]

FSotW: Doorbell Instructions

Flickr set of the week is Doorbell Instructions by, of all people, Dave Gorman. “When the presence of a doorbell isn’t enough and instructions are deemed necessary.”

FsotW: zoomify

Flickr set of the week is zoomify by Trazy. This is scotch tape, being ripped from the dispenser: This is salt and pepper:

FSotW: Heavy Metal Concert Flyers

Flickr set of the fortnight, really, since I forgot last week. Anyway, it’s Heavy Metal Concert Flyers by quibx. From the old days before computers when people actually did these things with a felt-tip pen and a photocopier. It would be hard to claim that any of the results are lost design classics, but I […]

FSotW: Katrina Damage

Flickr set of the week this week is Katrina Damage by jsdart. “these images were shot in November 2006 over a year after the hurricane”

FSotW: local

A day late, but hey-ho. Flickr set of the week is local by squacco. ‘Local’ in this case being Manchester – the one in the north of England, not one of the 19 Manchesters in the US. Or indeed the ones in Bolivia or Surinam.

FSotW: matchbox labels

Flickr set of the week is matchbox labels by Maraid – who is in fact Jane McDevitt of Maraid Design in Yorkshire. I particularly love the tapir.

FSotW: antennas

Flickr set of the week is antennas by rabinal. Because I kind of like the single-minded ones.

FSotW: Tiny Animals On Fingers

This week’s Flickr set of the week is Tiny Animals On Fingers by specklet. Which is pretty self-explanatory, I think.

FSotW: USSR Posters

Flickr set of the week is USSR Posters, an absolutely staggering collection of 1,469 “Russian and/or Soviet propaganda & advert posters [1917-1991]” put on Flickr by bpx. I’ve only had a chance to dip into them, but here’s a few to give you a taste: The same person has an even larger selection of WWII […]