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BBC NEWS | UK | Town’s most prolific cat burglar 'A cat in Swindon has become a real cat burglar, in the last year he has stolen more than 30 teddies.' ( tags: cats ) Good Evening » I’M NOT NORMALLY ONE TO FAKE SWEAR TWO POSTS IN A ROW "BUT IT WAS CHARLIE SHOPSIN […]

Probably not one for purists

After my recent rant about what epic poetry isn’t, I feel I ought to share the fact that Dante’s Inferno is being made into… a computer game. Can you hear that distant buzzing sound? That’s Dante spinning in his grave. I admit to being intrigued, though; since the poem is distinctly short of sword-wielding action, being […]


MAKE: Blog: Proposed by hacking Chrono Trigger 'Guy proposes to girlfriend by hacking a video game ROM'. Coolest geek proposal ever. ( tags: gaming )

Dispatches from the Uncanny Valley

I’ve just bought Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 for the Wii, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it, but it does take you into a weird parallel world. Not just because of the licensing restrictions that mean the English league is full of clubs called things like ‘Man Red’ and ‘Lancashire Athletic’, and Germany has players called ‘Fnich’ […]

All geeked out

One reason this blog has been quiet over the past week or so is that I’ve been engrossed in Puzzle Quest, perhaps the geekiest computer game of all time. It’s an RPG with all the standard trappings thereof: orcs, trolls, giant rats, lots of character statistics, magic weapons, spells and so on. Except that when […]

the coming of 3D video games

Technological change is extraordinarily rapid, yet somehow it seems to creep up on us. The internet went from being an obscure curiosity for the geeky to part of people’s everyday lives without most of us ever having a eureka moment when the change was brought home to us. I have had a few such moments, […]

Gaming and art

With Shigeru getting his French knighthood and the British Academy of Film and Television Art giving awards for computer games, I was mulling over the old computer-games-as-art question. The comparison is inviting, not least because games are full of things which were historically the domain of other art forms – visuals, music, dialogue, narrative and […]

Sir Shigeru

Shigeru Miyamoto has been made Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French government. Damn straight. If the man who invented Mario and Zelda doesn’t deserve a knighthood, who does? That doesn’t make it any less annoying that the release date of The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess has now been […]