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Belated France follow-up, French civic geekery edition

I know I’ve been back for a while now, but there was one thing I’ve been meaning to blog about. The place we were staying was only a village, really, but in the best French manner it had a town square with a handsome town hall, in front of which was an obelisk-shaped monument that […]


This Is a Photoshop and It Blew My Mind – Photosketch – Gizmodo Cool toy: 'PhotoSketch is an internet-based program that can take the rough, labeled sketch on the left and automagically turn it into the naff montage on the right.' ( tags: cool geeky photography ) Spider Silk | American Museum of Natural History […]


CERN Rap on Vimeo I've seen some geeky things on the internet, but this might just top them all. In a good way. I think. ( tags: rap CERN LHC geeky ) BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Thai school offers transsexual toilet Intriguing: 'The headteacher, Sitisak Sumontha, estimates that in any year between 10% and […]