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that George Szirtes music thing

George Szirtes has invited examples of “those occasions when I had only to hear a bar of music to know that something had radically changed.” This will do, for me: I’m cheating, really, though, because it’s not just that piece of music, though I think it holds up pretty well and it does have a […]

The ternness of terns

George Szirtes discusses people’s need to identify things – flowers, birds – something he doesn’t share. Indeed he sets up (but slightly backs away from), an opposition between the botanist’s way of looking and the artists’s way. He ends like this: Yet all the time I am aware that even an urban citoyen of the […]

page vs performance

Ros Barber is annoyed by the use of the term ‘performance poet’ in a disparaging way and “can’t see the sense in perpetuating the page/performance divide”. George Szirtes thinks the distinction is useful, and makes a good point about the intimacy and privacy of reading poetry from the page. One-to-one reading is like reading a […]

Szirtes on the myopia of poets

George Szirtes has an interesting post up at the moment, which starts: One of the reasons I became a poet rather than a novelist is, perhaps, because I have a far stronger sense of events – nature as event, phenomena as event, objects as event – than of people. To most poets I suspect other […]

That Szirtes lecture

George Szirtes’s TS Eliot lecture is now available online at The Poetry Library. The Paterson lecture he comments on can be read here.

T S Eliot Lecture – George Szirtes

I went to the T S Eliot lecture given by George Szirtes today. Having been to Don Paterson’s lecture last year, it was interesting for me that Szirtes decided to pick out some of the things Paterson had said and disagree with them. In all such disagreements between poets, the terrible temptation is to think […]

George Szirtes TS Eliot lecture

I just booked a ticket for George Szirtes’s TS Eliot lecture next month, having been to and enjoyed Don Paterson’s last year. Judging by the Szirtes blog (and indeed his poetry), he should be able to put together a thoughtful and enjoyable lecture. But you never know. I don’t know what it says about me […]