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Red Love: The Story of an East German Family by Maxim Leo

This is the family history of three generations of Germans. The author’s grandparents were young during WWII; one grandfather fought in the French Resistance, the other seems to have been a lukewarm Fascist, but both ended up being inspired by the promise of the new socialist East Germany that was going to rise out of […]


Notgeld – Pre-Inflationary German Currency – a set on Flickr Extraordinary collection of interwar German currency. Via Metafilter. ( tags: money banknotes Germany design )


BibliOdyssey: Brothers in Craft images of medieval tradesmen ( tags: medieval Germany C14th )


Television Under The Swastika | Smashing Telly – A hand picked TV channel 'Spiegel TV has tracked down rare Nazi TV footage, complete with everything from bizarre cabaret acts to interviews with people like Albert Speer.' ( tags: Germany Nazis television 1930s )


1930s German Culture Magazines – a set on Flickr A curious mixture of fashion shots and Naziana. ( tags: 1930s Germany magazines ) 1935 Berlin Vaudeville Album – a set on Flickr 'This set of 72 images is from an album of Vaudeville performers in Berlin, Germany from 1935 to 1936. A sweet little book […]


BibliOdyssey: Perspectiva Dancing android skellies! ( tags: C16th Germany art )


Emperor of Ice-Cream Cakes: Poems Are Jokes: Dispatches from the Front LINES, It Is a Pun "It's a dazzling day, the sun is a fiery phoenix, the birds let loose with craps of joy, and the Phelps crazies are here in town to protest. Time to make a damn sign." ( tags: nonsense ) BibliOdyssey: […]

Cranach at the Royal Academy

Now this is my kind of exhibition. I don’t what it is I find so appealing about the Northern Renaissance; obviously, artists like Dürer, Van Eyck and Breugel are among the all-time greats of European art, but I love it all: van der Weyden, Memling, Bosch, Holbein, and indeed the star of this show, Lucas Cranach the […]

Two Lives by Vikram Seth

Two Lives is a biography of Seth’s great-uncle and aunt. They met in the 30s in Berlin when Shanti Seth was studying dentistry and took lodgings with the (Jewish) Caro family. Henny Caro was one of the daughters of the house and at the time was engaged to someone else; but after the war they […]

Don’t mention the war

Because the World Cup is in Germany, yesterday the Guardian decided to theme a whole section of the newspaper around the subject of “our peculiar relationship with Deutschland”. It’s certainly true that the British have a generally negative idea of Germany. But these days I don’t think it’s particularly deeply felt or deeply held. And […]