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Thesaurian spam

The spam filter caught this reply to my post with the title ‘The stupidity of big books (and the joy of cheap paperbacks)‘: wooow, take a fancy to your things concerning Heraclitean The stake » The vapidness of swollen books (and the felicity of of small account paperbacks Yup, the spambot has just run the […]

Hot trends in spam

It is fascinating to see the evolving ways in which spambots try to fool us into thinking they are real people. It’s like a very narrow version of the Turing Test. In response to a birdy post which mentioned, among other things, ring-necked duck, someone submitted this almost-relevant piece of commentary: Like the scaups she […]

Salmagundi update

A London Salmagundi, my Tumblr, has now been running for five months and accumulated over 1200 posts; if you haven’t been visiting it, this is the kind of thing you’ve been missing. Photos by Pierre Bonnard — Hausa horsemen in quilted armour — C19th corset — a hornet mimic — Giovanni di Paolo — optical […]

No more links

The plugin which automatically fetches links from and posts them to this blog went wrong last night. So it seems like as good a moment as any to stop posting them to this blog altogether, since they are all posted to A London Salmagundi as well. If you want to keep reading the links […]

Announcing Salmagundi

I’ve got a new little side project, Salmagundi, which is a Tumblr-powered short-form, scrapbooky type blog-thing where I can post assorted bits and pieces — photos, links, amusing cat videos — that I find on the internet. A web-log in the original sense. Which probably means I’ll stop the automatic link posts here, and keep […]


Something went wrong with my WordPress upgrade, and I was still trying to sort it out when my computer died, and that took several hours to rescue (and involved reformatting the hard drive, reinstalling the system and restoring my files from a backup)… so I still haven’t sorted this blog yet. I don’t have access […]

Happy bloggiversary to me.

It’s five years since I started Heraclitean Fire — or Stormy Petrel, as it was then called — using a Python-based Slashdot clone called ‘Squishdot’. Which was probably a silly idea even then, and was only because I had set up a wiki using a free hosting service that was based on Zope… but still, […]

Apologies for the lack of posts

If I’d been better blogger recently you might have got my thoughts about things like the weirdness of the US healthcare debate (you’d think that the aim of universal healthcare was laughably naive starry-eyed utopianism, rather than something that every other wealthy country has already achieved), Manchester United’s prospects for the season (I’m worried they’ll […]

Testing, testing.

Testing a cunning scheme to feed an abbreviated version of my blog’s RSS feed to Facebook.

Hello everyone

Apologies for the lack of blogging recently. Hopefully you all use RSS readers so you haven’t been wasting time checking to see if I’ve posted anything new. A part of the reason is that I think Twitter has been cannibalising my blog posting a bit. For example, the peregrine I saw over the park a […]

Some site housekeeping stuff

The very observant among you may notice that my separate book page has disappeared. That’s because I’ve increasingly been blogging about all the books I read anyway, so it just meant I was duplicating the information. And since I started posting to Goodreads, the situation is even more ridiculous, with me effectively posting the same text in […]

Links of the year 2008

A not very methodical selection of about 50 links from the 300 or so I posted last year. amazing camera — Anne of Green Gables beachobatics — Billys and Charleys — Björk on television cat playing the theramin — Chicago storefront churches — collapsing USA — CSS Homer — curators at work Detroit dancing financial meltdown — forehead wrinkles — fossil bird Galileo’s magic trick — ghost […]

Happy birthday to… Heraclitean Fire.

My blog turns four today! That first post four years ago (when the blog was called stormy petrel) wasn’t actually very interesting, but hey-ho. Mmmm, Smarties. » The picture, from Flickr, is © Luke and/or Kate Bosman and used under a by-nc-nd licence.

Links of the year 2007

After a quick and dirty winnowing-out, here are what might be the best of the links which I posted last year. Arctic artefacts — Attack of the GIANT NEGROES!! Bait-Fishing Crows — Beautiful Specimens — bird-eating bats — Building Stonehenge C19th London snail-gatherers — chilled bees & yellow rain — Chinese building blocks — College […]

Just a quick plug…

The sixth picture is up at my new photoblog Clouded Drab. I’m just sayin’.

In non-Internet Explorer related news…

The release of WordPress 2.3 is my cue to release my photoblog onto the world. Since this blog, which is comparatively simple in terms of layout, still isn’t working properly in Internet Explorer, I shudder to think what Clouded Drab will look like. But hey-ho, let’s press on regardless. There’s only one photo at the […]

Polite request

Could anyone with copies of IE7 and/or IE6 please check to see whether something is working? The menu on the right is supposed to move up and down as you scroll the window. If I’ve done it right, it should still look the same in Firefox, Opera etc; but in Internet Explorer, it should start […]

Oh crap.

I just got around to testing the new design on Internet Explorer via browsershots, and what do you know, it’s completely fucked up. And for most versions of IE I got an error message; I don’t know what that’s about. It’s so bloody irritating; why can’t all the various browsers agree on how to render […]

Under construction

I’m in the process of changing stuff around on the site: you may encounter occasional weirdness. EDIT: OK, the tweaking process is still going to be ongoing for a little longer and some things aren’t finished, but the new design is now basically live. This is more or less how I want it to look.

Site Redesign

I’m itching to do yet another site redesign—I have a pretty good idea of what I want and a working test version of it, allowing for a bit of tweaking—but I think it makes sense to wait until the release of WordPress 2.3 so I don’t have to worry about any compatibility issues. I’m considering […]

WordPress 2.2 upgrade hitches

Apologies for the slight messiness: I’ve just upgraded to WordPress 2.2—don’t know why, really, it’s not like there are any compelling new features—and at least one of my normal plugins is broken. I should have a work-around up soon. EDIT: OK, I think everything’s just about working now. If anything seems broken, give me a […]

Books books books

I’ve posted a few thoughts on the books I read in Crete (a couple of novels by Kazantzakis, some Marquez, Seferis, books on the Battle of Crete and resistance, Aristophanes), which can be found via my ‘What I’ve been reading’ page.

New section: Music & Books

If you’re very observant, you may noticed a new link in the sidebar: Music and Books. I’ve been gradually tweaking it to my satisfaction, and you can now not only see a list of the ten most recent songs I’ve listened to and the ten most recent books I’ve read, but click through to see […]