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Google’s China Problem (and China’s Google Problem) – New York Times Interesting article about how internet censorship works in China. The article is now 3 years old, which is a long time on the internet, but it's worth reading. ( tags: Google internet censorship China )


Subtraction 7.1 Beta: A Cloud and a Prayer 'The concept of “too big to fail” is under siege at the moment. The fact that a company, product or service is so clearly dominant and relied upon is no guarantee of its survival. In particular, I make this point in regards to Web applications, cloud computing, […]


APOD: 2008 June 5 – Spitzer’s Milky Way 'more than 800,000 frames of data from Spitzer's cameras have now been pieced together in an enormous mosaic of the galactic plane – the most detailed infrared picture of our galaxy ever made.' ( tags: astronomy photos ) How the Web Was Won: Entertainment & Culture: […]

Playing with Flickr

Pictures found in the most recent photos stream on Flickr. » 光に向かって, originally uploaded by 2 Funky. ³£«Ü¤j°¦., originally uploaded by Do as what you want. DSCF3779, originally uploaded by shadowstw.

because it amuses me

The Cassette Generator, via things magazine, which/who I was surprised to realise I hadn’t already added to my blogroll.

just a thought

Sometimes, when I’m struggling to get something to work, or find a piece of information, or something just seems a lot less simple than it ought to be, I have to remind myself just what a young medium the internet is, and how far we’ve gone already.

The less obvious reason to hate MySpace

The most obvious reason is, of course, that it’s so ugly. Let me rephrase that: it’s sooo ugly. Seriously, is you leave the average MySpace page open on your computer and go away for a long weekend, don’t be surprised if if you come back and find that it has physically sucked all the beauty […]

New improved photo page

With the help of a neat little application called PictoBrowser, I’ve tarted up the page with my Flickr photos. PictoBrowser should work even if you prefer reading the site with one of the old themes, but to get the full effect of my redecorating, you need to be using the ‘scallop‘ theme.

Galapagos pics

I finally got round to uploading some photos from the Galapagos to Flickr. The whole set is here. It includes some sealions: boobies: and of course tourists:

More vespal entertainment

Sherry mentioned my wasp nest on her blog and via the comments was revealed this hand-made hornet’s nest by papermaker Gin Petty. You can read her full account of making it here. And browsing around Flickr I found these pictures by Andrew Dill of a wasp nest built on a window: Here’s something I learned […]

Ajax and the common man

One of the hot new(ish) things in web design is Ajax – standing for Asynchronous Javascript And Xml. To quote Wikipedia, “The intent is to make web pages feel more responsive by exchanging small amounts of data with the server behind the scenes, so that the entire Web page does not have to be reloaded each […]

My latest web design bonnet-bee

I was looking through WordPress themes on the Codex. I find it surprising how many people design themes with flexible-width text columns – i.e. ones where the columns get wider and narrower when you resize the browser window. One of the first things you learn when you pick up a book on typography is that […]



CSS positioning

[Sorry, I know most of you won’t be even slightly interested in this] I’ve just had a major intellectual breakthrough about how CSS positioning works. Or, to put it another way, I’ve just realised that I’ve been being very stupid for a very long time. I’ve read lots and lots of online CSS tutorials, and […]

Testers wanted!

I mentioned earlier that I thought it might be fun to enter a WordPress theme competition. Well, I’ve got a theme worked up that I’m thinking of entering. You can see it in action on my test blog here. As you can see, it’s a two-column variation on the Swifts theme with a different picture. […]

web design stuff

The more time I spend thinking about web design, the more easily irritated I am. Take Spork. Look at that lovely, stylish, front cover: it manages to have something of a print aesthetic without being heavy-handed, and it’s clear, simple and eye-catching. Classy. But then you click on the names, and the links open as […]

New Theme

I’ve come up with a new design for the site, as I think should be pretty obvious. If you prefer the calmer qualities of the old look, there’s now a theme switcher in the sidebar so you can pick your favourite. The scarab picture is used by kind permission of elina. Fab, innit? The main […]

Birdstrike wing

A photo my brother took of the mark left by a bird hitting his window. You can see the whole bird in this one. Birdstrike wing Originally uploaded by rutherfordfamily.

Chihuly at Kew

I went to see the Dale Chihuly glass at Kew Gardens today. Which was pretty fab. This Flickr slideshow gives you some idea. It finishes 15th January, so if you haven’t seen it and you’re in London, go and have a look.

Flickr field guide

There’s a group on Flickr called Field Guide: Birds of the World. Pretty self-explanatory, really – they’re trying to form a collection of photos that can be used to help identify birds. It’s a great idea and they’ve already got a lot entries, though it’s weighted towards European and N American birds, not surprisingly. But […]

Tomorrow’s News Today

This story from Avant News made me laugh.

Magnum photo-essays

Magnum in motion has photo essays with audio commentary. The only one I’ve watched is the ‘Inner-City Youth, London’ one – which I would certainly recommend. I found it via GRIMETIME. I’ve downloaded a few grime tracks recently; it was PopText that started me in that direction by posting a few tracks from the brilliant […]

more folk wisdom

On the subject of folk wisdom: I’m reading a book called Mutants which mentions a C17th book called Pseudodoxia Epidemica: or, enquiries into very many Received Tenents and commonly presumed Truths, in which Sir Thomas Browne investigated a lot of received ideas, like the fact that ‘a King-fisher hanged by the bill, sheweth in what […]