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Body of Sea Urchin is One Big Eye | LiveScience Fascinating: 'Genetic analysis of sea urchins has revealed they have light-sensitive molecules, mostly in their tube feet and in tiny stalked appendages found in among their spines.' ( tags: seaurchins vision ) cityofsound: For the life between buildings – some notes on the iPad Thoughtful […]

A passing thought on the iPad: handheld ≠ mobile

I think one reason people have a hard time visualising how the iPad will fit into their lives is that they assume it will mainly be a mobile device; i.e. something they will actually carry around with them all the time. I don’t think that needs to be true for it to be successful. I […]

I know what the Apple Tablet is for

Among all the speculation about the forthcoming Apple Tablet/iSlate/iPad has been a thread of uncertainty: no one is really sure what it’s for; what niche it fills. Everyone has been missing the obvious: it’s an e-reader for birdwatchers. I have two field guides on my iPhone: butterflies and birds. I haven’t had a chance to […]