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Proper summer visitor news!

I noticed someone had uploaded some photos of Lesser Spotted Woodpecker to Flickr which were taken in ‘Bushy Park, London’. It turns out to be the Royal deer park next to Hampton Court Palace, so I thought I’d check it out. I didn’t have much luck with the woodpeckers — some Great Spotted, loads of […]


Lensmen: 1919 | Shorpy Historic Photo Archive Love this picture: 'Washington, D.C., circa 1919. "Two photographers." On the left, A.W. "Artie" Leonard of National Photo. Harris & Ewing glass negative.' ( tags: Shorpy 1910s photography ) TED Blog: Discovering dragonflies that cross oceans: Charles Anderson on I love this story. 'While living and working […]


BBC – Earth News – Longest insect migration revealed ‘Every year, millions of dragonflies fly thousands of kilometres across the sea from southern India to Africa. So says a biologist in the Maldives, who claims to have discovered the longest migration of any insect.’ ( tags: insects dragonflies migration )