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Dante International by Sharon Kasanda

Dante International is my book from Namibia for the Read The World challenge. A few months ago, I picked a detective novel for Malaysia because I thought it would make a good change to read newly released genre fiction rather than decades-old literary stuff. This is what I┬ásaid about that book: 21 Immortals was a […]


A New Approach to Aid: How a Basic Income Program Saved a Namibian Village – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International Trying a different approach to aid in Namibia: 'The idea is simple: The payment of a basic monthly income, funded with tax revenues, of 100 Namibia dollars, or about €9 ($13), for each citizen. […]

FSotW: Namibia

Flickr set of the week is Namibia 2006 by rutherfordfamily. And not just because ‘rutherfordfamily’ is in fact my brother (hi Dom). Some zebras An oryx Guineafowl another zebra Lots more good stuff where those came from.