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Mutant poetry

Ever since I read Mutants, I’ve been mulling over the idea of writing a group of poems around the idea of mutants and mutation. The human (and indeed animal) stories – poor old Charles Byrne, freak-shows, the Elephant Man, court dwarves, superheroes and so on – are interesting source material; the science is somewhat interesting […]

silences at-a-glance

The phrase ‘Silences at-a-glance’ was used by the BBC to link to this page. It’s practically a poem in itself. Or perhaps a title for a poem or sequence of poems.

the chirping of sparrows

The chirping of sparrows is a key human noise, a key human experience. the essential noise of humanity (humanness) most human of noises the sparrow is the human soul. (id?) throwing croissant crumbs/bits of chip/whatever to the sparrows. Chirping among the roof-tiles. dust-bathing. I’ve been very conscious of sparrows since they disappeared from this part […]

possible poem for tomorrow

in case I forget I cut a slice through my fingernail a few days (a week?) ago, while cooking. It’s nearly grown out. I read once that the moon retreats from the earth at about the same speed our fingernails grow. I can see that growth happening. I feel there’s a poem in it somewhere.

the hall of dancing horses

the hall of dancing horses the windows rattle in the frames


while in the tree, the dunnock flicks its wings idea for poem: 30 final lines under sodium streetlights, daffodils are the same colour as concrete the smell of smoke turns a spring night into autumn I don’t know why I’m producing all this nature-stuff particularly. ho-hum

more thoughts on ID/evolution

it may be unwise of me to try and do US atmosphere/imagery too much, since I’m not of there. But hey-ho. Bryan Newbury’s post From Flatlands to Flat Earth is interesting, but perhaps not enough to build a whole poem around. What do I know about Kansas? I went across it once on a Greyhound […]

more foxes and ID

I was really annoyed by an article in the paper on the campaign to get ‘Intelligent Design’ taught in schools as an alternative to natural selection. Hence the ditty in the last post. But I would like to come up with a more substantial poem on the subject. apes/angels. The angels are winning in Kansas. […]

foxy stuff, again

more on foxes as symbols of… something There are of course many London subcultures which are not very visible, not because they are marginalised, but because they are outnumbered – pearly kings, City guilds, Morris dancers, punks, model plane enthusiasts. Are they less interesting? As night falls, London fills with foxes shadows in the yellow […]

trees and stuff.

I notice ‘pollarded’ trees everywhere now. Nearly every tree in the city has been hacked around at one point or another. artificiality/naturalness The *appearance* of naturalness The difficulty is communicating the background info (actually I’ve changed my mind about this). The way knowledge changes your perceptions. A tree only has to be cut once to […]

fox space

~ An editorial note: two things come together. The increasing dormancy of stormy petrel, and a galling realisation, in the face of Eduardo’s call for blogger’s notebooks (see the PB for details): not only have I hardly written any poetry recently, but I haven’t even got any notebook-jottings I could offer as evidence of thought. […]