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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s death was both completely unexpected and weirdly unsurprising. I know he was only 50, but his life had been such a train wreck for such a long time that it was hard to conceive of him somehow carrying on for another 30 or 40 years. I’m grateful for the music. But it can […]


An art-type thing at Pruned, and via Interactive Architecture dot org, the Airship to Orbit program. Check out the animation, which has the cheesiest music in the world ever. Oh, and KLF’s The Manual (How To Have A Number One The Easy Way).

Poet of the Year…

… is Lady Sovereign, for a sequence of rhymes on the song 9 to 5 that goes bikini/Lamborghini/Tweenies/C-Beebies/seen me/Lambrini.

music on the net

I’ve only just started getting into music blogs, but they’re fabulous. Of the ones I visit at the moment, the ones which I’ve taken most music from are PopText and Funky16Corners, but I’m currently listening to a 70 minute mix of ‘dancehall/bashment, reggaeton, R’n’B/hip hop/crunk, soca, reggae and ragga jungle’ from Heatwave which I learned […]