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ephemera assemblyman: Film Poster Paintings from Ghana 'In the 1980s video cassette technology made it possible for “mobile cinema” operators in Ghana to travel from town to town and village to village creating temporary cinemas. The touring film group would create a theatre by hooking up a TV and VCR onto a portable generator and […]


50 Years of Stupid Grammar Advice – 'The Elements of Style does not deserve the enormous esteem in which it is held by American college graduates. Its advice ranges from limp platitudes to inconsistent nonsense. Its enormous influence has not improved American students' grasp of English grammar; it has significantly degraded it.' ( tags: […]


Finding Veronese « Dulwich OnView 'Xavier F. Salomon, Curator at Dulwich Picture Gallery, describes how he discovered a missing fragment of Veronese’s Petrobelli Altarpiece, thought lost.' ( tags: Veronese DulwichPictureGallery ) british wrestling posters – a set on Flickr British wrestling posters from c. 1960s – 1990s ( tags: posters wrestling design ) CERN Document […]

FSotW: Heavy Metal Concert Flyers

Flickr set of the fortnight, really, since I forgot last week. Anyway, it’s Heavy Metal Concert Flyers by quibx. From the old days before computers when people actually did these things with a felt-tip pen and a photocopier. It would be hard to claim that any of the results are lost design classics, but I […]

FSotW: USSR Posters

Flickr set of the week is USSR Posters, an absolutely staggering collection of 1,469 “Russian and/or Soviet propaganda & advert posters [1917-1991]” put on Flickr by bpx. I’ve only had a chance to dip into them, but here’s a few to give you a taste: The same person has an even larger selection of WWII […]