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Things posted to Tumblr: Gandhara bodhisattvas

I’ve been enjoying posting stuff to A London Salmagundi, and I find the convention of posting pictures without commentary rather liberating, because I am a relentless tweaker of my own prose and constitutionally incapable of being brief. But sometimes I find myself wanting to explain why I think a particular image is so interesting or […]

Physical tumbling

I went along to the V&A today to check out the second phase of their new ceramics display. The first phase was arranged by technique and theme; the new bit is by place and date. Some of the displays have helpful information, but much of it is effectively the collection being stored in plain view: […]

Salmagundi update

A London Salmagundi, my Tumblr, has now been running for five months and accumulated over 1200 posts; if you haven’t been visiting it, this is the kind of thing you’ve been missing. Photos by Pierre Bonnard — Hausa horsemen in quilted armour — C19th corset — a hornet mimic — Giovanni di Paolo — optical […]

No more links

The plugin which automatically fetches links from and posts them to this blog went wrong last night. So it seems like as good a moment as any to stop posting them to this blog altogether, since they are all posted to A London Salmagundi as well. If you want to keep reading the links […]

Some self-linkage

Just a little reminder about Salmagundi, my new internet scrapbook of appealing, interesting and curious things, like this C19th French dentist’s window display… …a man carrying a horse, a medieval penis tree, and the incredible nymph navy that swiped a Nazi destroyer.

Announcing Salmagundi

I’ve got a new little side project, Salmagundi, which is a Tumblr-powered short-form, scrapbooky type blog-thing where I can post assorted bits and pieces — photos, links, amusing cat videos — that I find on the internet. A web-log in the original sense. Which probably means I’ll stop the automatic link posts here, and keep […]