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Bird of the Year 2011: best performances in a supporting role

I’ve been rather laggardly about doing BOTY this year because I had such an underwhelming year for birds. But I thought I should keep up the tradition, and ¬†as the end of January approaches I’d better get on with it. Best Plant I went on a jaunt to a quarry in Essex which has some […]


Subtle ways to tell your elephant seal that she’s not fat enough « The Oyster’s Garter 'Then I realized that ocean love and mocking sexist bullshit are two great tastes that taste great together.' ( tags: seals ) Cardiff at night – a set on Flickr via things magazine, some genuinely brilliant photos of people […]

Bird of the Year 2008: best performances in a supporting role

I know it’s getting slightly late for yearly round-up posts, but hey-ho. Best Plant The wildflowers on the cliff-tops in Wales were quite something: gorse, foxgloves, bluebells, red campion, sea campion, thrift, kidney vetch, burnet rose, dodder, spring squill, centaury, ox-eye daisies, cowslips. It really was spectacular. So it’s really just a matter of picking […]

Napowrimo #21: The Seal Voice Choir

If you stand on the beach on Holyhead and listen attentively, you may hear, above the sound of surf, an unearthly harmony. Upon a tiny rocky islet out of sight of land the world’s one and only seal voice choir are sprawled on a patch of sand; and sometimes, when the waves are still and […]