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Welcome to the new blog

Or, rather, the old blog in a new place. I hope you like the new look; I think it’s now pretty much set up as I want it, but if you spot any glitches, let me know. I managed to import all the old posts, which was a minor victory (I’ll spare you the techy […]

possible hiatus

Frustrated by the frequent downtime at Freezope, I’m shifting my site, starting with this blog, to a new location. This involves moving from Squishdot, a Zope-based piece of blogging software, to WordPress (php/MySQL based). Since I’ve never used php this is a potentially fraught process that is likely to take up most of my attention […]

book links

At the bottom of the left-hand column are books I recommend. They are set up as referral links to Amazon (UK). I’m not seriously expecting a useful revenue stream from this, it’s just a way to liven up the appearance of the site. The plan is to occasionally add a new title, and as books […]


You’ll notice the place looks different now. I doubt whether this version will last too long – I changed it because I thought the previous look was a bit too tasteful, too pastel. But this one already feels too self-consciously wacky, and I only just did it.

new links list

You’ll notice on the left of the page that I have a new links list. It will get longer – those are just the ones I did before getting bored.

help me get a free ipod

Help me get a free ipod (and get one of your own!) by clicking on this link.

testing something

testing a modification to the RSS feed. Just so you know.

a faltering start

I haven’t got off to a very good start on the blogging thing, have I? It was a probably a mistake trying to start The Poetry Blog and stormy petrel at the same time. I actually set this blog up initally to play with Squishdot. I’d done a certain amount of redistributing and restyling on […]

all about me

To be more accurate: not very much about me. I’m Harry Rutherford. I write poetry as a hobby – hence the blog and the wiki. I’m also a mod at PFFA. Other interests that might surface while I blog are food and birding. Or, they might not – who knows what I’ll feel the need […]

Under construction

Under construction – come back soon.