Welcome to the new blog

Or, rather, the old blog in a new place. I hope you like the new look; I think it’s now pretty much set up as I want it, but if you spot any glitches, let me know. I managed to import all the old posts, which was a minor victory (I’ll spare you the techy details), but unfortunately not the comments. All the imported posts seem to have been set to not accept comments as a default, so you won’t be able to post to them, but all the new ones, starting with this, will be open for comments as usual.

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possible hiatus

Frustrated by the frequent downtime at Freezope, I’m shifting my site, starting with this blog, to a new location. This involves moving from Squishdot, a Zope-based piece of blogging software, to WordPress (php/MySQL based). Since I’ve never used php this is a potentially fraught process that is likely to take up most of my attention for at least a couple of days. Wish me luck.

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book links

At the bottom of the left-hand column are books I recommend. They are set up as referral links to Amazon (UK). I’m not seriously expecting a useful revenue stream from this, it’s just a way to liven up the appearance of the site. The plan is to occasionally add a new title, and as books get bumped off the bottom of the page, I’ll move them to a page that will act act as an archive of all the old recommendations.

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You’ll notice the place looks different now. I doubt whether this version will last too long – I changed it because I thought the previous look was a bit too tasteful, too pastel. But this one already feels too self-consciously wacky, and I only just did it.

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new links list

You’ll notice on the left of the page that I have a new links list. It will get longer – those are just the ones I did before getting bored.

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testing something

testing a modification to the RSS feed.

Just so you know.

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a faltering start

I haven’t got off to a very good start on the blogging thing, have I? It was a probably a mistake trying to start The Poetry Blog and stormy petrel at the same time.

I actually set this blog up initally to play with Squishdot. I’d done a certain amount of redistributing and restyling on PoBlo, but it was still very much using the framework of the out-of-the-box fancy version of Squishdot. stormy petrel was my attempt at using the code and content of a Squishdot site but building up the page layouts from scratch.

In the event, having done that, I decided that I liked it much more than the previous version, so I used a version of it on PoBlo too. This version almost eliminates the use of tables for positioning, with just a two-cell table to hold the toolbar and main column in position, and everything else done with CSS; as a result, it’s much easier to customise than the old one.

But, having set it up, I do intend to make a genuine stab at running a personal blog. Watch this space.

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all about me

To be more accurate: not very much about me. I’m Harry Rutherford.

I write poetry as a hobby – hence the blog and the wiki. I’m also a mod at PFFA.

Other interests that might surface while I blog are food and birding. Or, they might not – who knows what I’ll feel the need to mention.

Anyone who knows me may have read that tagline under the blog title (‘a person who delights in strife…’) and be worried that I’m suffering from a delusional self-image. Don’t worry. That meaning of ‘stormy petrel’ just came up in the crossword and I thought it was really nice, especially since the storm petrel is a fantastic bird. And since I’ve established a marine theme for my various sites, I chose it for my personal blog.

The picture of a petrel is used courtesy of Ash Midcalf at birdcheck.co.uk.

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Under construction

Under construction – come back soon.

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