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My perfect Strictly Come Dancing lineup

Peter Mandelson Winona Ryder Christiano Ronaldo Werner Herzog Tina Fey Carey Mulligan Sachin Tendulkar Venus Williams Mark Zuckerberg Sarah Palin Prince William Scarlett Johansson Tom Cruise Condoleezza Rice Obviously.

The return of Mandelson

It was a weird moment to see Peter Mandelson of all people return to the cabinet. Particularly weird, for me, because I had been half-heartedly composing a mental list of the celebrities I would most enjoy seeing on Strictly Come Dancing*, and so far the only people definitely on it were Christiano Ronaldo,¬†Rachel Weisz¬†and Peter […]

Strictly Come Dancing & Darren Gough

I’ve been watching Strictly Come Dancing which, for those who don’t know, is a BBC knockout pro-celebrity dancing competition. Last year it was won by a soap actress, the year before that by a newsreader. This year, for me the pleasure has been watching Darren Gough. Gough is a fast bowler (i.e. a cricket pitcher), […]