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Some names for IRA splinter groups

Funereal IRA Eel IRA Ambiguity IRA Frivolity IRA Campanology IRA Imbecility IRA Diagonal IRA Confessional IRA Digressional IRA Irish Rational Divination Army Irish Fashionable Celebration Army Wiry Publican Calibration Army Fiery Snatching Lubrication Sarnie

Militant Atheism

I’ve just finished The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, which I enjoyed more than I expected, since generally I prefer Dawkins when he’s writing about biology. I might blog about the book later, but for now it got me thinking about religion. My own opinions are uncompromising: I don’t believe there is anything beyond the […]

Rushdie on Islam

In the Washington Post, Salman Rushdie makes the case for a profound reform of Islam – which I don’t have a problem with. There’s a certain irony, though, in calling it an Islamic Reformation, since the Reformation was a time of biblical literalism and iconoclasm – the closest thing Britain ever had to the Taleban.

the decadent West

And I’m not talking about Sam. Since the London bombings (and their sequel, which like so many sequels, failed to live up to the promise of the original) the press has, naturally enough, turned to the question ‘why did those nice British boys try to kill me?’ Or, to phrase it in a more objective […]

‘Islamic’ terrorists?

One of the arguments that has surfaced repeatedly since the London bombings is over the term ‘Islamic terrorists’ – some people pointing out that we never referred to the IRA as ‘Catholic terrorists’, others riposting that the IRA never claimed to be acting in the name of the Catholic faith, unlike Al-Qaeda. This argument is […]