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YouTube – Feynman ‘Fun to Imagine’ 4: Magnets Richard Feynman explains why it’s so difficult for him to explain why magnets repel. via Kottke. ( tags: magnetism Feynman YouTube )


YouTube – 6. Climate Change — Those hacked e-mails – 6. Climate Change — Those hacked e-mails Good video about those climate change emails. via Pharyngula ( tags: climatechange YouTube )

Rio 2016! (again)

On the subject of music from Rio, this is one of the fabbest and scariest things ever:

Rio 2016!

I think it’s brilliant that Rio is going to host the Olympics. I was going to post a suitably carnivalesque bit of video in celebration, but I found this more downbeat performance by the great Elza Soares; and it’s gorgeous. I’ve got no idea what she’s singing about, though.


Damn Cool Pics: The Living Bridges of Cherrapunji Bridges made from the growing roots of rubber trees. ( tags: roots bridges India ) YouTube – Kseniya Simonova – Sand Animation (Україна має талант / Ukraine’s Got Talent) real time 'animation' with sand by a contestant on Ukraine's Got Talent. via Design Observer. ( tags: YouTube […]


That’s ‘cricket’ in Welsh, since the first Ashes test is being held in Cardiff. Assuming the rain holds off long enough for them to play, that is: it’s certainly not very promising in London, but of course it hardly ever rains in Wales. Come on, England.


Dolphins and bubbles, together at last. « Why, That’s Delightful! OK, this is actually the coolest video ever. ( tags: dolphins bubbles YouTube )


These are my links for 26th January 09 from 06:54 to 06:54

Gee, Officer Krupke

Since the world’s financial system went into meltdown, there has been a certain amount of tooth-gnashing and mouth-frothing about the dreadful greed and recklessness of bankers — a lot of it from politicians who frankly aren’t in a position to lecture anyone about short-termism. I find it difficult to work up much righteous anger. Firstly because […]

Probably not one for purists

After my recent rant about what epic poetry isn’t, I feel I ought to share the fact that Dante’s Inferno is being made into… a computer game. Can you hear that distant buzzing sound? That’s Dante spinning in his grave. I admit to being intrigued, though; since the poem is distinctly short of sword-wielding action, being […]


PingMag – The Tokyo-based magazine about “Design and Making Things” » Archive » Masato Seto: The Sweet Allure of Betel Nut Beauties A glass kiosk stands at the side of the highway, covered in gaudy neon lights. Inside, a young woman with her body more exposed than covered sits at a glass table, making something…. […]


YouTube – mouse agility II a mouse agility course ( tags: mouse YouTube )



I really am going to stop posting about the US elections soon, but this was kind of priceless: The best bit is Bill O’Reilly trying to stick up for her. [later edit] And while I’m posting YouTube videos, here’s a bit of The Day Today that seems curiously relevant:


YouTube – weewoo the talking starling more talking starling. ( tags: starling video ) YouTube – François Macré – Thriller (reprise a’cappella 64 pistes) cool video via Metafilter. ‘Here is a remake of the “Thriller” song that I’ve entirely recorded with my own voice, using 64 A’cappella tracks. There is therefore no instrument, synthetizer, beatbox, […]

Zombie Reagan speaks

I wonder what the legal ins and outs would be of the Obama campaign just running this video as a campaign ad?


In celebration of this very amusing put-down of President Bush, here’s a bit of the master himself:


via Dilated Choonz

Fela Kuti

Fela performing in 1971.

James Brown and Pavarotti

via Coudal. I can’t decide if this is brilliant or just peculiar. Is Pavarotti just singing the normal lyrics in Italian, or something else? This one, on the other hand, is definitely just peculiar.


One of the real magicians:

Apologies for infrequent posting

I’m working up to writing a long post about the book I just finished, but in the meantime, here’s a quietly hypnotic video of someone hand-feeding hummingbirds:

New stuff coming soon

I’m being an absolute dynamo of behind the scenes activity, wrestling with HTML, php and CSS for your reading pleasure. Sort of. Anyway, in the absence of any other new posts, have a video of Seu Jorge: If you haven’t seen The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, you should. It’s a very good film.