Napowrimo #5: The Wandering Pine

The Wandering Pine migration’s an unstoppable stampede
which makes up in tenacity for what it lacks in speed;
usually they’ve travelled about eighteen inches when
it’s time for them to turn around and head back north again.

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  1. By Festival of the Trees #23 on 2 May 2008 at 2:48 am

    […] POETS see trees in countless subtle ways… A hallow tree peers into my window as if it were watching an art exhibit. – Corinne Elizabeth The trees whisper of spring’s approach While small birds sit amidst the conversation Cocking their heads this way and that. – Beverly Robertson What color is the rain, that softly falls on a quiet morning from a colorless sky? – Nina The Wandering Pine migration’s an unstoppable stampede which makes up in tenacity for what it lacks in speed; – Harry Rutherford […]

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