napowrimo #19: Down in the benthic darkness

Down in the benthic darkness
where curious creatures dwell
is a species of hermit crab so big
it uses a boat for a shell.

The hatchlings start in a bathtub or fridge
and when that gets too snug,
first they move to a dinghy or sloop
and then to a sampan or tug.

Nobody knows how big they can grow
but don’t be surprised if one day
the wreck of Titanic lifts on its toes
and silently scuttles away.

I know it’s not actually Thursday any more, but this is yesterday’s poem for napowrimo so I guess it can be my poem for Poetry Thursday as well :)

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  1. Dave

    Very Shel Silversteinish.

  2. Harry

    I actually don’t know Shel Silverstein, but I’ll take your word for it. And, of course, take it as a compliment :)

    And thanks Crafty Green!

  3. Dave

    Yep, that was a compliment. Silverstein is a genius.

  4. Harry

    Oh, excellent. I have heard of Silverstein but he’s one of those people who for whatever reason hasn’t really crossed the Atlantic.

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